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  1. SlipperySpelunky

    I love you tech!

    I love you tech!
  2. SlipperySpelunky

    Guide How to edit a Message (Example /gamemode)

    Sie müssen Protocolib auf Ihrem Server installiere (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/protocollib.1997/)
  3. SlipperySpelunky

    Hydra permission

    It is hydra.admin because /gui is meant to be for testing. If you want your players to open a gui that you created, just create a custom command with hydra add the "Open GUI" action into it.
  4. SlipperySpelunky

    Tech's plugins are good

    Tech's plugins are good
  5. SlipperySpelunky

    Buycraft Commands

    Do /upc ingame and it will show you a list of commands.
  6. SlipperySpelunky

    Help with updating UltraPermissions

    Maybe because you deleted the folder.