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    Guide Placeholders

    Here is a list of all of the Placeholders that Ultra Permissions has: Placeholder API: - %uperms_prefix% - %uperms_rank% - %uperms_subgroups% Mvdw Placeholder API: - {uperms_prefix} - {uperms_rank} - {uperms_subgroups}
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    Add API's or opensource TechMods

    This forum runs Xenforo therefore opensourcing it wouldnt make much sense
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    Welcome on this new Website

    Ill publish more guides very soon
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    Guide Enable Remote Connections

    You may experience that your bungeecord / minecraft server cannot connect to a mysql that isnt on the same server as the mysql. To fix that you just have to enable remote connections. Steps: 1. Log into phpmyadmin and click on the SQL tab. 2. Enter these lines and replace username with your...
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    Trouble Shooting BungeeCord Permissions are not working

    First things first, make sure your Bungeecord has Ultra Permissions installed and the mysql is properly connected. Check if you have made all the steps in this guide Im getting errors in my Bungee Cord: MySQL not working because of: - Invalid Credentials - Remote Connections not enabled for...
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    Guide Installation (Network)

    This Guide explains on how to install Ultra Permissions on a network. Steps: 1. Move the Ultra Permissions.jar in the plugins directory of all servers and the bungeecord 2. Start all the servers and the bungeecord 3. Join each Server and repeat the following steps 4. Execute upc key in the...
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    Guide Installation (One Server)

    This Guide shows you the quickest way of setting up Ultra Permissions on your Server. 1. Move Ultra Permissions.jar File into the plugins directory 2. Restart the Server (Required) 3. Type in the console upc key and copy the key 4. Join the Server and paste in the key into the chat 5. Enjoy...
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    Guide How to edit a Message (Example /gamemode)

    In this Guide I'll show you how to edit the gamemode message with Hydra. You can use that guide to edit basically any message. Original Messages: (After executing /gamemode) Steps: 1. Open up /hydra > (Left Click) Chat Editor > Click on the right button once 2. Exit the GUI, type in /Gamemode...
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    Welcome on this new Website

    Hello Guys! Now we finally have a dedicated place for creating and sharing guides for all of my plugins. Thanks for the hard patience of waiting for a good wiki. Regards, Tech
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    Hello and welcome to the forums